Are You Being Watched?

Have ever had the feeling someone was staring at you? Watching you? Friday I got that very feeling. I was in my office at the back of my home deeply focused in day-one of creating a new business consulting program for one of the niche industries I work in. Was firmly intent on avoiding all distractions. No phones. No doorbells. No text messages. No interruptions of any kind. I isolated myself and completely tuned out everyone and everything.

About noon-ish something caught the corner of my eye out my office window. As I turned I could almost swear someone had ducked away just as I looked up from my screen. All I could possibly make out were eyeballs and forehead.

For a moment I just froze. I imagined if it really was a person, he’d look again and I could make solid eye contact. I waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing.

I tried to tell myself maybe it was a bird flying away after attempting to grab hold of the screen. Maybe that is what I saw. I wasn’t 100% convinced though. So I got up and took a look around. No one was to be seen or heard leaving the property.

So after convincing myself I was seeing things I went back to work.

Sadly, about three hours later the house of one of my neighbor’s swarmed with vehicles. Her family and friends in the area came rushing to her rescue.

Turns out the wife had just gotten home alone and found someone had broken into their house. The perp stole all their cash and jewelry. Even the stuff they thought they had carefully hidden.

Got in by forcing a lock. They think he first tried at the back of the house. The thief damaged the back door but could not get in. So he then broke in through the front door. He was unseen by anyone. Sort of.

I guess the lesson is if you think you may have cause for suspicion get up immediately. Break out the ‘widow maker’ or whatever you have to help you feel safe. Call the cops. And most of all trust your instincts. You may never know, if you get the feeling someone is watching you maybe they really are.

Have you already dealt with this type of scenario? If so what steps have you found to decrease the risk of your home or home office being burglarized–whether you are there or away?

Shoot me an email to tell me what you found that works. I’d really like to hear from you.