What is Google Adwords?

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is one of the world’s largest online auctions. Instead of bidding on physical products advertisers bid on keywords across Google owned or Google managed properties.

Basically you enter a 4-line text ad and a few details specific to your promotional information or offer and then receive visitors to your site or direct calls to your phone.

The beauty is your ad only shows to people who are actively searching for exactly what you have to offer.

And unlike traditional advertising depending upon your Adwords strategy regardless of what you bid you only pay when someone clicks your ad to get more information. You are never forced by default to pay for ‘branding’ or ‘exposure’. You pay for clicks. Actual visitors.

The process of creating your 4-line ad is easy.

However the technical side of managing keywords, choosing which of Google’s properties to advertise on, which Adwords strategy to implement, and which platforms to target is not so easy.

  • Do the folks within your target market go online primarily using mobile devices? Or are your visitors primarily sitting behind desktop computers when they search for your information? Or do they use both mobile and desktop?
  • Are video ads, text ads, image ads, or some other multimedia ad format best suited for your market and your advertising objective?
  • Are you targeting new visitors or folks who’ve seen your ad or site before?

Generally, sorting these questions and choosing a path is best handled by a Google Partner. While setting up an account with Google is easy managing Adwords is not easy. Making the best use of online advertising is usually best handled by someone who keeps up to date with online changes daily.

To learn more about Adwords watch this short one-minute video introduction to Adwords.

And yes I am Google Adwords certified. If I recall correctly I started using Google advertising services not too long after the small business self-service portal became available. Nearly 16 years ago I first began advertising with Google for myself and other businesses.

Today most independent Adwords users are going about it all wrong. Google is more complex and competitive than ever before. Focusing on getting more clicks doesn’t always mean more sales. It usually just means more money spent. Focusing on ROI and increased conversions usually makes the greatest sense.

Since I’ve been at this for so long it’s made me extremely selective about who I work with.

If you are serious about profiting from Adwords I might be able to help. But you must be willing to invest five-figures minimum into the Adwords marketplace. Otherwise we likely are not a good match. The one exception could be if you are willing to invest a modest investment to get started AND willing to allow that investment to grow to six or seven figures from the generated ROI. If that is not you please do not apply to work with me. I do not manage accounts for companies looking for just a few hundred dollars in ROI.

Contact me if you qualify. Either I or someone from my team will contact you to setup a call.