How I Work – A Word From Andre

When it comes to marketing there is no such things as ‘one size fits all’.

Any attempts to pigeon hole a client will likely result in missing a critical marketing component. Each company is unique. Thus each marketing plan must be unique.

Since no two projects are identical fees vary depending upon degree of difficulty, required level of expediting, and overall scope of the work. Fees are quoted in advance and set on a per project basis. There’s never any guesswork about your commitment. And no surprises.

Here’s a brief list of some of the services I offer.

  • General Consulting – Through this consultation I provide feedback and advice but do not do the actual hands-on work for you. Doing the actual work of creating marketing action plans, sales copy, social media marketing campaigns, or any other actual hands-on work requires a separate fee and is billed based on the scope of the project.
  • Quick Copy ‘Rewrite’ – I provide copywriting feedback or ‘write’ your sales letter by means of telephone consultation with you. You record and transcribe the sales copy as I ‘write’ your copy by phone. This option may be ideal for clients who possess strong product knowledge and can provide their own readily available in-depth market analysis or feedback as needed to complement the recommendations I make and recommended direction.
  • Full Scale Copywriting and Consulting – "Done for You" Consulting and Copywriting. Fee based upon nature and scope of project and is calculated on a per project rate, not hours. Depending upon scope and longevity of support royalty arrangements may be required.
  • SEO/IM, PPC campaigns, Social Media Marketing Programs, etc – Internet marketing is a very broad and highly time-intensive area of marketing. Email marketing campaigns, SEO, mobile marketing campaigns, SMS/text marketing campaigns, etc. all require a significant investment of time and money. We offer these services only to select companies.
  • Marketing Action Plans – fees are based on scope of project and vary depending upon actual required deliverables, research, and level of expediting required.
  • Total Marketing Package™ – This level of service capitalizes on market planning methods tested in more than 50 major companies and has been shown to produce more than a 300% increase to the bottom line when properly implemented. This service is for select established companies only. I will work with you and your internal marketing team to identify and implement measurable and predictable strategies and tactics for as long as we both feel the relationship is profitable and progressive. This service touches on every aspect of your current online and offline sales and marketing activities. How much is your investment? This package represents a long-term commitment of at least 12 months. My annual retainer represents less than two months salary of a median-level marketing director, who I work with, not replace. Why so little for a year of service? The annual retainer is in place to insure follow through and to cover expenses as this program ramps up. Since I work in conjunction with your existing marketing team instead of replace your team, there is much greater upside potential working with me. You get up to a year of marketing assistance for less than two months of direct compensation. That’s because the bulk of my income is performance based. In addition to my low annual retainer I require an ongoing quarterly ‘sales commission’ on my work for as long as my marketing plan or materials remain in use and continue producing sales income for you. This puts pressure on me to help keep money flowing for you. That’s because my success is directly related to your success.

Snapshot Sample of Other Services I May Offer:

  • Print ads
  • Sales Letters
  • Direct-mail lead generation package
  • Mail order package,
  • Renewal series
  • Blanket renewal insert
  • Magalog
  • Self-mailer
  • Postcard or double postcard
  • Sales Brochure
  • Catalog Copy
  • Data sheet
  • Promotional Feature Story
  • White paper
  • Press release
  • Website home page content
  • Website Sub-Page Content:
  • SEO Copywriting – new or existing site rewrite
  • Sales/Promotional Emails
  • Ezine ad
  • Landing page
  • Complete Microsite
  • Telemarketing script
  • Copy critique
  • General Consulting
  • Web site planning/consulting services
  • Home page content
  • Sub-page content
  • Inquiry form content
  • SEO strategy and training
  • Single PPC ads
  • Full PPC campaign research, copywriting, and setup
  • Ongoing PPC campaign management
  • Staff Training
  • Promotional Audiovisual or Multimedia Script

* I am not available to write non-promotional content such as annual reports or business plans. Fees may vary substantially depending upon research requirements, degree of difficulty, or other unusual factors.

How I Work:

After you contact me by email to tell me about your situation, I typically send you a Client Intake Questionnaire. After reviewing your responses we proceed with your scheduled consultation by phone.

By gathering information prior to your consultation, we are able to devote maximum amount of time actually helping you. You and I are better able to focus on your marketing concerns instead of spending your time simply asking questions that could easily have been entered onto a standard questionnaire beforehand.

Typically all consultations require pre-scheduling of around two weeks. And in most cases if during the initial consultation I feel that for any reason I cannot help you I refund your consultation fee. No charge to you.

All consultations must be scheduled and paid in advance.

Note: I provide non-disclosure agreements to all clients. Your privacy and anonymity are assured by default.

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