A Sobering Word From Freelance Copywriter Andre Bell

A Sobering Message To Every Entrepreneur Who’s Ever Felt Overwhelmed Trying To Figure Out Which Marketing Approach Really Works Best For His/Her Business…
Finally… Here’s How To Immediately Use New And Fresh Ideas To Market Your Business — Without Buying Another *$&%* Info-Product…

Paying for info-products is crazy!

Here’s something the high-priced info-marketers don’t want you to know…

Because info-products are written without knowing you, your business, or your exact circumstances the critical implementation steps are always missing.

That’s why trying to build a business solely on info-products is just as foolish as trying to cut down an entire forest using a dull pair of scissors… sure… you’re gonna stay pretty darned busy but you won’t accomplish much!

I’ve also tossed tens of thousands of dollars into the ‘success’ and marketing and advertising and copywriting furnace. I’ve attended seminars, bought and read hundreds of books, videos, ebooks, I’ve coughed up thousands to run radio advertisements, and invested in direct mail, and I’ve done just about everything the ‘gurus’ promised would work… only to end up burned.

While there’s no shortage of high priced info-products promising to turn even the ‘toad’ businesses into a prince of an opportunity, there’s a real famine for information the majority of business owners and decision makers can actually use.

You could go broke trying to buy every new product the info-gurus are promoting, only to find that instead of improving your business you just go deeper and deeper into debt. I know.

And here’s the worst part: even if you could afford to absorb thousands of dollars in losses from buying information that just doesn’t work, you can never get back the time that’s lost from trying to apply marketing materials that were doomed to failure from the start.

That’s why as a small business owner you need to use free and low-cost proven marketing strategies that rely on imagination, energy, and even the efforts of other people instead of spending money on info-products to promote your business.

If you’re serious about your success read every word of this report. This education won’t cost you a penny.

“Blew Me Away!”

Andre presented some “real world” concepts that I have been using and exploring (and been making money from) ever since. I’ve been a business professional for more than 15 years and this information still blew me away!

Mark Brown
Business Professional and Consultant Santa Maria, CA

“Wow! Just Wow!”

I’ve been marketing products and services for nearly thirty years and was still surprised by Andre’s highly researched and usable ideas. Just one advertising secret from Andre will help me potentially earn an extra million dollars marketing one of my products internationally. This information was well worth it!

Andrew Delamar
Inventor, Entrepreneur San Luis Obispo, CA

I’m now going to reveal to you the six secrets my ‘peers’ are threatening to shut me out for disclosing to you.
Keep reading before they win.

About Andre Bell
Andre strives to help marketers discover the near-immediate impact of honest ethical marketing practices. He has advised hundreds of business owners on how to keep their dignity as they implement direct response marketing methods that work. Andre is one of only a handful of remaining professionals who can boast having become an online marketer a decade before the World Wide Web came into existence. And as a serial entrepreneur Andre launched his first direct mail business around the age of 12-years old. He has been building and advising ever since.

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