A Sobering Word From Freelance Copywriter Andre Bell

A Sobering Message To Every Entrepreneur Who’s Ever Felt Overwhelmed Trying To Figure Out Which Marketing Approach Really Works Best For His/Her Business…

Finally… Here’s How To Immediately Use New And Fresh Ideas To Market Your Business — Without Buying Another *$&%* Info-Product…

Paying for info-products is crazy!

Here’s something the high-priced info-marketers don’t want you to know…

Because info-products are written without knowing you, your business, or your exact circumstances the critical implementation steps are always missing.

That’s why trying to build a business solely on info-products is just as foolish as trying to cut down an entire forest using a dull pair of scissors… sure… you’re gonna stay pretty darned busy but you won’t accomplish much!

I’ve also tossed tens of thousands of dollars into the ‘success’ and marketing and advertising and copywriting furnace. I’ve attended seminars, bought and read hundreds of books, videos, ebooks, I’ve coughed up thousands to run radio advertisements, and invested in direct mail, and I’ve done just about everything the ‘gurus’ promised would work… only to end up burned.

While there’s no shortage of high priced info-products promising to turn even the ‘toad’ businesses into a prince of an opportunity, there’s a real famine for information the majority of business owners and decision makers can actually use.

You could go broke trying to buy every new product the info-gurus are promoting, only to find that instead of improving your business you just go deeper and deeper into debt. I know.

And here’s the worst part: even if you could afford to absorb thousands of dollars in losses from buying information that just doesn’t work, you can never get back the time that’s lost from trying to apply marketing materials that were doomed to failure from the start.

That’s why as a small business owner you need to use free and low-cost proven marketing strategies that rely on imagination, energy, and even the efforts of other people instead of spending money on info-products to promote your business.

If you’re serious about your success read every word of this report. This education won’t cost you a penny.

“Blew Me Away!”

Andre presented some “real world” concepts that I have been using and exploring (and been making money from) ever since. I’ve been a business professional for more than 15 years and this information still blew me away!

Mark Brown
Business Professional and Consultant Santa Maria, CA

“Wow! Just Wow!”

I’ve been marketing products and services for nearly thirty years and was still surprised by Andre’s highly researched and usable ideas. Just one advertising secret from Andre will help me potentially earn an extra million dollars marketing one of my products internationally. This information was well worth it!

Andrew Delamar
Inventor, Entrepreneur San Luis Obispo, CA

I’m now going to reveal to you the six secrets my ‘peers’ are threatening to shut me out for disclosing to you.

Keep reading before they win.

“I Want You To Know The Truth About Attracting More Business For Your Business…”

If you’re like most entrepreneurs who visit my site you want to know:

  • How to increase your income and get better results from the customer and client relationships you have already established
  • How to become more successful and wealthy from the advertising and marketing you’re already doing
  • How to attract more business and make more money from the efforts and money you have already invested into building your business
  • How to use new and fresh ideas to market your existing business in ways you haven’t considered before now
  • How to properly market your products to produce immediate profits and gain market share
  • How to identify new sources of traffic for your website so you get more paying customers to your website
  • How to get more publicity than you can handle
  • How to uncover elements in your current marketing and advertising processes that have until now remained hidden or overlooked
  • How to increase your sales without offending anyone (other than your competitors)
  • How to get the maximum return for your marketing efforts at the least possible expense.
  • …and more.

…in most cases you can accomplish this with direct response marketing — without buying a single info-product and without increasing your ad budget a single penny.

What is direct response marketing?

It’s marketing designed to get people (your buyers) to take immediate action.

It’s attracting the people who want what you’re selling and presenting your message so that they respond to you and only you. You use marketing that makes them pick up the phone and call for more information, immediately place an order, visit your website, or enter your storefront.

That’s what direct response marketing is all about: Action

“That’s Enough Of You…”

I’ve been “told” not to shoot myself (and my peers) in the foot by giving away the farm. So keep reading to discover what my ‘peers’ are threatening to shut me out for disclosing to you — before they make me change my mind…

Though there are hundreds of individual marketing tactics, they break down into only six small business direct marketing strategies that any business can use to easily gain fast growth and increased profits quickly.

If your goal is to get more customers and make more money now, you must focus on each of these six strategies.

You’ve probably heard it before, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result. This is especially true of marketing. Doing more of what you’ve been doing will only produce more of what you’ve already been getting.

So if you’re not getting all the success you want, adjust what you’re doing. Take advantage of the six marketing principles proven to boost sales, attract more clients, and generate repeat business.

What are these six principles?

First, lets talk about the one powerful and immediately profitable marketing principle that won’t cost you a penny more than you’re now spending in marketing or advertising.

“Finally the truth about making money without spending more money…”

The marketing principle that won’t cost you a penny more than you’re now spending is increasing the effectiveness of the marketing you’re already doing.

Despite what gurus tell you, making more money doesn’t involve buying the next fad item. Marketing fads and gimmicks come and go. The streets are littered with victims who’ve aimlessly wandered into the crosshairs of the info-marketers.

Worse, if you’ve been in business any amount of time you know that advertisers pop up out of the woodworks trying to get you to spend your money on their media.

WARNING! No matter ad agents might tell you, the greatest success in direct marketing and advertising does not involve spending more money on ads or running the same unresponsive ads repeatedly in hopes they some day work.

Ad agents will tell you if an ad isn’t working spend more money to make the failing ad bigger. That is like telling a drowning person to drink more water until the water becomes air.

That’s just plain stupid.

The truth is, if it isn’t working you track why it isn’t working and you fix it or get rid of it altogether.

Whether you seek to get clients through advertising, promoting seminars, internet marketing, or some other marketing method, you must make your message responsive and persuasive every time you communicate.

Monkey See… Monkey Do…

Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Me? You’ve probably seen how most companies simply imitate each other when it comes to marketing. What one competitor does, they all do.

Those companies may be great at providing the product or service they sell but when it comes to marketing, they suffer from a serious condition called marketing-myopia. This means they have blinders on and can’t see beyond what they or their competitors are currently doing.

This leaves a HUGE hole of opportunity for you.

By working with a broad range of industries I have a unique perspective on marketing that probably none of your competitors have.

Besides having had experience being employed in ten different industries I’ve advised over 500 independent business owners in seven countries on how to better market their businesses.

Guaranteed Small BusinessDirect Marketing Strategies

I know from experience that by doing little more than focusing on making each marketing communication more effective you can double or even quintuple your sales, leads, and customers — without increasing your ad budget.

Here are two steps to immediately boost the response of your marketing communications:

1. You must eliminate the fatal advertising mistakes everyone else is making (see my free report of the 32 Fatal Advertising Mistakes Everyone Is Making (and how to fix them).

2. You must discover what isn’t working and replace it with more persuasive and compelling words and layout that force people to buy from you. You use copy that moves people to action.

You do this by “tweaking” your advertisements and your marketing communications to get a greater response from the work you’re already doing — without spending more money on marketing or advertising.

Notice I said without spending more money. I did not say without spending any money.

Read My Lips

Aside from using your lips to speak, all forms of marketing and advertising require some kind of expense to communicate with your target market.

Direct mail, fax, publicity, internet marketing, or whatever. Absolutely every form of marketing communication other than speaking has some kind of direct costs associated with that form of communication.

This is true no matter how much or how little you spend on a marketing package. There will always be direct costs. Your goal is to minimize costs while boosting your income.

How much should you expect to invest in marketing your business?

Media ad agents will claim you should spend X-percentage of your hard earned income on advertising (amazingly the percentage is the same no matter what business you’re in). Who says you have to spend that much money? They do.

It’s a bogus number they’ve created to turn you upside down and shake as much money out of your pockets as they can get.

So how much money is really needed to make more money than you could ever spend in your lifetime?

“The Real Skinny About Investing In Marketing…”

How much should you expect to invest in marketing your business?

Let me ask you this. How much would you invest right now if you knew you’re guaranteed a positive return on every marketing dollar you invest?

  • If the answer is zero then your best bet is to do public speaking, writing, or marketing tactics that get others to do your marketing for you at their expense.

  • If you can afford to invest at least $500 per month for 90 days to cover the costs to market your business (not pay fees to a consultant) you have a good shot at improving your marketing through low cost forms of marketing communications. I can help you with this.

  • If you can afford at least $1500 over a 90 day period ($500 per month) you’re in a good position to leverage marketing resources you do not even know you have. I can help you with this.

  • And if you can afford $10,000 or more then your direct response marketing options are limited only by your imagination. I can help you with this.

Do you remember we already looked at two steps to immediately boost the response of your marketing communications?

Here’s the third and most powerful part of boosting the effectiveness of the marketing you’re already doing:

Creating effective systems for developing good relationships with your customers and business contacts and maximizing the effectiveness of all your letters, Yellow Pages ads, and other promotions.

The businesses that make the most money know how to sell their products or services better than their competitors

Having marketing systems that work is the “secret ingredient” behind all successful businesses. All of the successful franchise chains use tested systems of ads, letters and promotions to gain customers quickly in new locations.

They know that having a system for getting new customers, and for keeping them, is vital. Once they have this system they simply keep duplicating it.

The advantages of having these systems in your business are many, including …

  • You control the amount of business you have each week. Having effective systems for getting new customers, keeping your existing ones and for generating extra business from them, means you’re no longer at the mercy of the economy or fickle word-of-mouth promotion.

  • Your staff morale and productivity increases. The systems make everyone accountable for what has to be done. Having a business that’s making good money makes everyone feel good. Your staff is happier because their jobs are secure.

  • There’s no upper limit to the income you make if you have effective systems in your business. A good ad or letter can bring you ten times the sales of a bad one. What you need is effective ads, letters and promotions and systems. Once you’ve tested them and proved that they bring results, you simply decide how often you have to use them to achieve the income you want.

  • And, best of all, having a marketing system means your whole operation can be put on autopilot. Once you find the ads, letters and promotions that work, you’re no longer tied to your business. You can afford to hire others to do the tedious work for you. Of course, to develop all this for your business is not so easy.

So it adds up to this: Improving your existing marketing communications and putting effective systems in place is the first step in attracting more business and increasing sales with the time and money you’re already investing.

Often it takes an objective view.

Running And Getting Nowhere

If you’re like most business owners you’re busy with the day-to-day tasks of running your business that you find it hard to get a moment to enjoy life.

Add to that the stress of sorting through the hundreds of promises for marketing your business and you just want to scream for someone to come and put your mind at ease.

When You Give Someone A Fish…

You know the story of the value of teaching someone to fish for themselves compared to doing the fishing for them.

Well, some clients want to learn to “fish” for themselves (have someone talk them step-by-step through the process so they can become self-sufficient for the future).

Others, maybe you, just want the dang fish (improved marketing condition — so you can free up time and focus on areas of your business that only you can do).

I can help in either case.

Let’s Go For A Drive

Few of us got behind the wheel of a car and drove perfectly the first time. It took a bit of guidance and direction from an experienced driver.

Running a successful marketing campaign is no different.

Whether you simply want me to advise you on what you need to do to augment your current marketing or want me to “get behind the wheel” and help with implementation, I’m here to collaborate with you and assist you.

As a marketing strategist and copywriter I offer a three phase marketing consultation to help you get more from your business without risking any money.

In fact my services won’t cost you a single penny. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Since you’ve read this far I know you’re serious about wanting to get even greater success from your business.

That’s why if you qualify you’re entitled to:

  • an initial fact-finding interview to help me understand more about your business and uncover overlooked opportunities,

  • followed by a complete review of all your current and past marketing communications and sales processes,

  • and then a follow up telephone consultation to discuss the recommendations I’ve discovered for helping you organize your marketing and improve your copy to attract new clients, sell more to existing clients, generate referrals, and reactivate clients who have drifted away.

Why should you let a third party help you make more money?

Because by removing the burden from you of creating marketing strategies and sales copy you will find more time for golf, tennis, shopping, and doing whatever else you prefer doing with your free time, including truly enjoying living and spending time with your family.

And the best part is, it won’t actually cost you a single penny.

Here’s How To Get More Money Guaranteed — And In Writing. And It Won’t Cost You A Penny… “Money For Nothing…”

Let’s face it, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, because we are too close to our own business, it’s hard to see how to improve our results – without working harder or longer – and that’s where I may be able to help you.

By analyzing what you’re now doing I can see what overlooked windows of opportunities you have, and give you strategies to take advantage of opportunities specific for your business.

And the best part is, this is super easy because I do the work for you; this is not one of those self-help or “coaching” programs where you’re on your own to figure out how the steps apply to you. PLUS you’re guaranteed to make money. I will even guarantee it in writing.

Here’s why this won’t cost you a penny… You will make more money following my advice and using my copy than I will make from giving the adviceor you owe me nothing. Guaranteed. No matter how much time I put into your marketing plan and no matter how often I edit or rewrite your copy, if my advice fails to make more money for you than my quoted fee you owe me nothing. Nip, zero, nada.

No Magic Wand Needed

Why do I do this? We’ve all heard stories of consultants who come and take up huge amounts of the client’s time, make grandiose promises, charge huge fees and in the end do nothing to improve the client’s condition.

Most consultants believe in hedging their bets in their own favor. They make certain they get paid for their time and efforts regardless of the actual results for the client.

I don’t do business like that.

My guarantee is a HUGE difference from anything else you will ever see. All others cleverly disguise that they charge for their time, efforts, and “experience” but not for results.

How can you tell if you’re being charged for efforts and not for results?

Here’s an example of what one very successful high-priced copywriter guarantees (I’ve been told he charges $15,000 to $35,000 per sales letter). He says if, “your copy isn’t profitable… I’ll re-write it up to two more times, at no extra cost to you at all.

Peer Through The Looking Glass

Give me a break!

That is a trick to keep your money in exchange for his efforts should his advice fail. Think on this, lets say you hire him at $15,000 per sales letter or advertisement. The ad bombs. He rewrites a second copy. It also bombs. He writes a third copy. It too bombs.

So what happens to your $15,000 you paid for this effort?

You lose it. All of it.

His guarantee is so valueless it’s laughable.

“Experts” like that will continue this pattern until they decide there’s no hope for your project. But the one thing they will never do is stand behind their work enough to guarantee you will make more money following their advice than they will make off of you or your money back.

Think about it. Do you really want to get more of the same ad copy that is not working?

No way.

I’m betting the farm you want guaranteed results.

That’s what I offer when you become my client. Give me a try and if at any time my advice fails to produce measurable, provable income in excess of any fees I might charge then you owe me nothing. Hey, even my initial interview/consultation fee will refunded. So there is never any risk to you.

Why Choose To Work With Andre

In some companies there is a long chain of command and excessive internal meetings. Such long chains cause unnecessary delays and often lead to distortions of your objectives.

I on the other hand work with each client directly. Even if some portion of the project is handled by an associate, everything must first go through me. This way you get answers for your questions direct from one person (me) without having to wait for a committee to reply or adjust to your objectives.

Another reason is my low overhead. Advertising agencies have set production markups. Sometimes these can range from 25 to 30 percent because they pay suppliers before billing their clients.

I operate differently. In most cases all media suppliers (if any) will bill you direct and independent of my guaranteed consulting fees. That way you save money because of not having to pay unnecessary mark ups.

Money For Nothing

How much does all of this cost?

As you’ve seen, technically working with me won’t cost you anything because either you make more money or you owe me nothing.

To be frank though, I’m expensive. But just expensive enough too insure clients will follow through. How expensive depends on the level of work required of me.

As already mentioned, some clients just want someone to give them a bit of direction and others want complete implementation assistance. Still others fall somewhere in between.

No matter which scenario best describes you, here’s proof that working with me today is a bargain. Some companies have been willing to offer up to $30,000 a month for my knowledge–without performance guarantees.

But as an independent business owner you don’t have to invest that kind of money or take that kind of risk to see huge marketing returns.

Success Guaranteed

We can get started with a guaranteed direct response marketing program that is self-perpetuating and profitable and includes your initial phone interview, review of all your current and past marketing and advertising materials, and follow up phone consultation with a marketing budget starting at only $1500.

Or if you prefer my ‘Mercedes’ package which also includes copywriting, a review of up to a years worth of official industry trade journals for you and your ideal client, “competitive espionage” on the marketing processes of your competitors, and a year of unlimited phone support your are looking at fees starting at $15,000.

Once you tell me about your project and I can see the level of work required of me I will be in a better position to let you know if I feel the project is worth pursuing and able to provide you a specific quote in writing.

However, I’m not interested in pursuing just any project. Since I’m paid to generate results I will only handle projects that I feel I can make a difference and are worthwhile and realistic.

Unfortunately not all projects fall into that category. One entrepreneur was referred to contact me for help in starting a restaurant that only serves various flavors of water — as you can see not all projects are worth pursuing no matter how much someone may personally fall in love with the idea.

If you have a realistic project and seriously want to make more money guaranteed, attract more business, generate more referrals, make your current marketing and advertising more responsive and effective then let me help you put guaranteed marketing systems in place– all without wasting a single dollar on info-products or advertising that doesn’t work.

Educational ? Not Sales Oriented

No selling takes place during the consultation. At this stage I am here to determine your needs and help uncover possible solutions to your marketing problems.

If you would like to find if Andre is currently available for consulting please Contact Us here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours In Success,

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