A proven formula that boosts overall profits & ad response

If you would like to dramatically boost profits and cash flow simply from multiplying the performance of existing ads, sales letters, landing pages, emails and marketing you may already be using
here’s a straightforward three-step process that might get you there.

  • The first step is evaluating and diagnosing your current marketing position, strengths, and opportunities.
  • The second is putting marketing ‘systems’ in place that eliminate the guesswork from day to day marketing activities.
  • And the third involves implementing your plan, tracking and measuring results, then making adjustments as needed.

Evaluating and diagnosing your current marketing position, strengths, and opportunities involves evaluating what you are doing now. You want to expose any overlooked windows of opportunities that might exist in your business right now. Handling this step in-house usually requires an extensive time and resource commitment. Often a ‘second set of eyes’ can prove useful to save time and headaches. In this step you also evaluate your market, your competitors, as well as marketing approaches found successful in other industries. You reverse engineer what has already proven to work.

Designing and putting marketing systems in place is often the most ‘grueling’ portion of the program since after analyzing newspaper, magazine, Yellow Page ads, sales brochures, quotes, sales scripts, sales letters, onsite and offsite SEO factors, email and PPC campaigns, etc. of your own as well as others you may find yourself augmenting dozens if not hundreds of individual marketing pieces to improve response. In fact, any promotion your company has ever launched should be redesigned or augmented if a need is found. Especially active promotions. Designing marketing approaches based on research eliminates the guesswork from day to day marketing activities. This is because you are creating proactive marketing materials you can use again and again as opposed to emotionally reacting to market opportunities that come your way. Or worse, failing to act because of not having effective systems in place. This step usually requires a substantial commitment of resources whether handled in-house or outsourced. As I said it can be grueling.

And the third step of your plan is implementation. Basically you just need to put the new and augmented marketing pieces into play…then sit back and have your staff or marketing team track and measure marketing results. You can read more about this in its entirety on my About Me page. This discussion continues there.