Fix: Ex Astris Stargazer child theme fails to load Gravatar [solved]

First off let me tip my hat to and offer a kudo to Sarah Gooding for creating the lovely Wordpress child theme Ex Astris.

However this theme caused me untold headaches. Initially. So I abandoned months ago. But eventually came back to it because I like its appearance (sans hyphenation).

If you are having trouble getting your Gravatar to display in the theme there is a simple fix.

I spent more hours than I care to admit trying to resolve the theme failing to load my admin’s Gravatar. I went so far as to get involved with studying wordpress development and rewriting (more accurately, editing) the header.php, function.php, and the stylesheet css to pull a fixed image avatar from a url instead of pulling from Gravatar via ‘admin_email’. BIG WASTE OF TIME! Actually I started this about four months ago and put it aside and came back to it a couple days ago. The light came on for me minutes ago after reading a simple unrelated sentence in a development forum.

So Simple a Fix it is Embarrassing to Admit

If you’ve tried using the theme only to find your Gravatar also is not displaying don’t bother editing the php files, don’t bother creating a new admin, don’t bother deleting all other admin accounts (as one forum post recommended), and don’t bother editing the css files. Simply login to your wordpress installation and make certain your email account for your blog Settings > General > Email Address is the same email address as listed at

I had assumed (as I suspect others are assuming too [another assumption on my part]) the email address being pulled by get_avatar( get_option( ‘admin_email’ ), 320 ); ?> in header.php is the admin email address for the main admin account I use for logging into and managing my wordpress installation. NOPE. The code get ‘admin_email’ pulls from Settings > General > Email Address field NOT your admin user login account.

Gosh. Wordpress is awesome. But it is complex. If you do not know its ‘guts’ sometimes it’s best to hire out. Saves a ton of headaches.

Hopefully this post helps at least one person. If so then I’m glad I shared. Thanks Sharon for such an awesome looking theme :)

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